The Perfect Mix Between Education, Sports & Fun!

Genius Courses

The Mandarin Club provides language lessons in combination with sports and fun. It has been proven that children (6-12 years old) are the quickest when it comes to learning a new language. To keep your level as high as possible we offer the weekly Genius Course.

Grow Camps

Within our grow camp we provide a week full of language courses, teamwork activities, brain games and sports. During this week the participants will make new friends. We do everything together in small groups to maintain focus on each aspect, from a varied lunch to brain games.

Our Mission

Learn, Sport & Fun

The Mandarin Club is combining education, sports and fun for children. Our mission is to bring cultures together and learn new sports. Our main goal is that children have fun in a safe environment and learn on several aspects of life.

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Our Upcoming events

21 Jun

Grow Camps

The program consists of a mix between education, sports and fun. Read more on our Grow Camps page.

1 Sep


Genius Courses

Every week we have our Wednesday and Sunday courses. Read more on our Genius Courses page


After School programs


Different sports

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