The Mandarin Club is here to combine education, sports and fun. In these times of globalization, it is important and very useful for your child to speak multiple languages. We create an opportunity for children to learn and improve a (new) language by providing a team of experienced teachers and professional coaches. Optimizing the competences of each child is our main priority. Which child doesn’t want to grow in an environment where sports comes together with education? It is the perfect combination to improve their language skills, social capabilities and gain some brains by being active in sports!

For us, as coaches and teachers it is an honor to work with children in this age category, because their way of expressing themselves also teaches us how to improve ourselves and our future classes and camps!


The Mandarin Club is combining education, sports and fun for children. We believe in our formula to learn a new language in combination with sports. We motivate our own organization and members to enjoy and grow in a safe environment on several aspects of life.


The Mandarin Club wants to learn every child an extra language and keep them sporty by introducing them to new sports. In our camps and weekly courses each child can participate in various languages lessons, different sports activities, challenging brain games with the result of new friendships and growing in social life.